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Myriam Fares is a Lebanese singer, dancer, actress and entertainer. She is recognized across the  Middle East as one of the only Arab female artists who performs choreographed dance routines while  singing, and was thus titled "Queen of Stage" by Arab media.


Mohammad Assaf is a Palestinian pop singer well known for being the winner of the second season  of Arab Idol, broadcast by the MBC network. His victory received worldwide coverage from the media  and was welcomed with joy by Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world.In 2013, Assaf was named  a goodwill ambassador for peace by The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine  Refu7gees.


is a Palestinian Lebanese singer and actor of Palestine origin. He debuted on television when he appeared on the Arab Edition of star Academy 3 representing Palestine in December 2005 and remained until the semi-finals.

Myriam Fares

Mohammed Assaf

Fady Andraos


Egyptian Singer, He earned the title of Best Singer at his University and then founded his own band. And participated with Elissa in a public ceremony.


Jordanian singer, artist, Vocalist ,composer and songwriter from Amman. His  diverse vocal ability, his loud voice and style has attracted a following from  different countries in the Arab world.  


Hani Mitwasi  is a  Jordanian singer  musician who is famous  for singing in the  'Spanish-Levant'  music  genre. After several  years of following his passion of the Spanish and Flamenco  music.

Hani Mitwasi

Adham  Al-Nabulsi

Mahmoud Al Esseily


Jordanian Singer & the winner of “MBC the voice” season 3.  

  Nedaa sharara

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