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Magicians & Illusionists


Sanad is 25 years old, best Jordanian talent in 2015. Sanad started in 2007  and he presented 800 show in Amman divided in 500 street show and 300  stage show. He participated in Arabs Got Talent 2015 & worked a show with  Nancy Ajram in Dead Sea due to the 20 years anniversary for “Zain

Company”. He is specialized in illusions and card tricks. Well you can say  he is the official illusionist in Amman.

Sanad Al-Muhaisen


Amr Halawani, most notably known for being Jordan's youngest illusionist, and one of the Middle East's  youngest illusionists, is a one-man show not to be missed. Specializing in optical illusionary, classic parlor  and close-up magic, and mind games, each show is a combination of fascination for all to enjoy. Having  worked in magic professionally for the past five years, echoes of his performances have reached the tips of  Jordan and vast parts of the world. Focusing on illusion and entertainment, Amr Halawani invites viewers  into his own world of magic, and bends reality to give the ultimate performance each time he steps on  stage. For a true night of wonder, magic, and awe-inspiring passion - Amr Halawani turns imagination into  reality and allows everyone the chance to experience true magic.

Ammar Halawani

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